Airborne Zephyr II

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Zephyr II FPV Wing

Mounted on the wall in its usual parking space

Made by KD2CHS in late 2011/early 2012, this platform is still the most capable of the entire fleet.

This aircraft has been tested in flight up to 9000ft AGL and speeds in excess of 100mph (GPS)

Flight duration heavily dependent on the mood of the pilot that day, has been pushed to just over an hour on the older 3.7Ah battery packs.


Wingspan: 54"

Weight: ~2.5kg takeoff weight

Range: Untested, theoretically 20-30km if antenna operator is paying attention.

Battery Setup: 2X 14.8V 4.2Ah LiPo packs in parallel. Was 3.7Ah packs, but technology has advanced since 2011.

Motor/ESC: Eflite POWER 25 870kv brushless motor coupled with Eflite 60A Pro Brushless ESC

Propeller: Carbon Aeronaut CAM 11x6 Folding carbon propeller and spinner.

Flight Computer: RVOSD V5 Was DragonOSD+ V2 previously.

Video Downlink: 1000mw 1280MHZ Video downlink. Rubber duck 3dbi antenna on aircraft, 8dbi patch antenna on ground.

Control Uplink: 600mw 458MHZ UHF Dragonlink 12CH control system. 1/2 wave vertical dipole on receiver, 3dbi rubber duck antenna on transmitter.

Onboard Cameras: 720x480 PIXIM SEAWOLF HDR camera, GoPro Hero 1

Sensors: Pitot Airspeed sensor, GPS 10hz module, Barometric pressure sensor, Temperature sensor, Current/Voltage sensor

Additional Stuff: NAV lighting, cargo attach points on center of gravity, really neat stripes on the wings for orientation.

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