VE Roster

From 721st Mechanized Contest Battalion
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Name Call Class Affiliation Notes
Steve Brickman KC2CEO General ARRL, LAUREL
Gavin DeAngelis KD2DPN Extra ARRL, LAUREL Rutgers
Joe Fedock N3IE Extra LAUREL AT&T
Peter Guerlain WA1VMI Extra LAUREL AT&T
Bob Heater W2VE Extra LAUREL AT&T
Karen Bartlett Lance KD2HII Extra ARRL, LAUREL
Vince Lapi KD2HVF Extra LAUREL
Nick Mohr KC2VWI Extra ARRL, LAUREL ARRL Liaison
Robert Mohr KC2WCQ General LAUREL
Kevin Murray K2FN Extra ARRL, LAUREL ARRL Liaison
Rob Roschewsk KA2PBT Extra ARRL, LAUREL Laurel Liaison
Pete Teklinski WW2I Extra ARRL, LAUREL NJIT
Brian Unangst KC2SJU Extra LAUREL
Michael Unangst KC2SJT Extra LAUREL
Joe Waldinger KD2CQL General LAUREL MAH
Daniel Werbin KD2CHS General LAUREL