The 721st Aeronautical Detachment

From 721st Mechanized Contest Battalion
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de·tach·ment (n.) - The dispatch of a military unit, such as troops or ships, from a larger body for a special duty or mission.

So far mostly dominated by KD2CHS's random ideas.

Constructed Vehicles

Zephyr II Flying Wing

Testcopter Quadcopter

HQuad II Quadcopter

Vehicles in Development

SLED (Super Lightweight Endurance Drone)

VTOL Wing (Flying wing but with hovering)

HAB (Near Space Balloon Launch Project in cooperation with Sussex County Amateur Radio Club)

Adopting An Orphaned Ultralight (Hackaday)

Retired Vehicles

EPP FPV First drone by KD2CHS

Hquad I First iteration of the HQuad