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[[Media:2019-PAQP-40M.gif|40 Meter Propagation animation]]
[[Media:2019-PAQP-40M.gif|40 Meter Propagation animation]]
[[Media:2019-PAQP-20M.gif|20 Meter Propagation animation]]
[[Media:2019-PAQP-20M.gif|20 Meter Propagation animation]]

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On Sunday, October 13th from 10AM-5PM (1400-2100Z) the 721st Mechanized Contest Battalion will operate a Special Event station at The National Museum of Industrial History.

NMIH is located on the Steelstacks campus on the former Bethlehem Steel site. The museum houses over 200 artifacts from across the world, telling the tale of America's industrial might and the evolution of industry over time.

The year from February until November 3rd the museum has been running a special exhibit "Don’t Touch That Dial - 100 Years of Radio" The exhibit features nearly one hundred historic radios and radio components, including rare pieces from the Bethlehem Radio Corporation, ephemera from the now-defunct WKAP, one-of-a-kind artifacts from Bell Labs, and more.


The exhibit also includes a full working amateur radio station. We will operate that station as N3I during the event.

Our event happens to coincide with the PA QSO party. There should be plenty of on-air activity.

40 Meter Propagation animation

20 Meter Propagation animation