Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 721st??

As it states on the masthead:

The 721st MCB is an Amateur Radio Club from Warren County NJ. We specialize in showing youth the power of Amateur (Ham) Radio to tie together Electronics, Engineering, Mechanics, Building and Making.

What kind of club are you??

The 721st is an ARRL Affiliated Club chartered in 2013. Beyond that, any reference to the term club is somewhat meaningless. There are no meetings, no rules of order, no treasury, no elections.

What?? No meetings?? How do you function?

Quite well actually, in case you haven't noticed thanks to the internet and social media most people are hyper-connected today and we're no exception. We can get more done a a few text messages than other clubs can get done with a year of meetings. If meetings amd parliamentary procedure is what you want maybe you should run for your local school board or land use board.