Emergency Antenna Platform System

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A fusion of robotics, amateur radio, and emergency service the Emergency Antenna Platform System (E-APS) is a tool for amateur radio operators (ARES, RACES) as well as First Responder organizations to turn any parking lot lamp post into and instant antenna tower.

EAPS Detailed Photos

Autodesk Inventor CAD files ( Autodesk Inventor View)

RCA Tech Symposium Presentation

Express-Times article 11/24/2014

Maker Faire New York 2013 Exhibitor

BBC NEWS 9/24/2013

HACKADAY 2014/08/09

Thanks to Suicide Circle for their song Anxiety off the album Into The Dark available on Jamendo

An OPEN platform developed by select members of the FIRST Robotics Challenge team 219, E-APS was featured at the 2013 Dayton Youth Forum:

Detailed Photos of the vehicle