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A DX cluster is a network of computers, each running software dedicated to gathering, and disseminating, information on DX activities.

The computers comprising the network are called nodes, the network itself being termed a cluster of nodes. The nodes may be connected either via radio links or through the internet. Internet nodes generally connect using the telnet protocol.

The system acts as an aggregator of information, accepting input from various sources, then making that data available to any user who is connected to the network.

721 MCB runs a DX Spider node open to all.

telnet to dx.ka2pbt.com port 7300 and login with your callsign.

If you are in the Belvidere-Easton-Harmony-Washington area you can to connect to the cluster via packet at KA2PBT-1 on 145.01 Mhz

Alternatively, there is a simple web interface that summarizes stations NOT in CQ ZONE 5 spotted in CQ ZONE 5 (East Coast US). It can be accessed at: http://dx.ka2pbt.com:8080